The goal of the project is to use the methods we have learned in class and extend our knowledge in smaller groups. Below is an example of a project description. If your group has an alternative proposal, please schedule time to discuss with me prior to the proposal due date.

One example project is to first to identify an article in the scientific/statistical literature that reports on a Monte Carlo study that was conducted to evaluate a statistical method. After an article has been selected, the project would be to design and conduct a similar study and report on it. The Monte Carlo study in the project should replicate at least a portion of the study reported in the chosen article. The project should extend the Monte Carlo experiment reported to include additional factors or additional levels of factors.

This is a group project and must be done in a collaborative fashion. This means all work will be completed on GitHub ( You will be assessed on how well you collaborate. You will select groups of size 3 (and one group of size 4 – first come first serve). You must be in a group to receive credit for this project.


Your project deliverables are two-fold. The first is a paper written in Rmarkdown (with references). The second is a an in-class presentation in which all members of your group will participate (reproducible slides written in Rmarkdown will be turned in).


The project is worth 30% of the final grade for the course. The project grade is broken down as follows:

Paper (40%) A paper detailing the motivation, methodology, and results of your project, complete with references.

Presentation (30%) All members of the team will present your project in class. You will be graded on clarity of your exposition, content of the project, and graphical presentations of results. In-class presentations will be peer-graded and last 20-25 minutes each.

Collaboration and Reproducibility (15%) Your slides and paper will be checked for reproducibility based on what is on GitHub at the due date. You will also be graded on your ability to collaborate, which will be checked by commit history.

Professionalism (15%) Did your group meet all interim deadlines on the project?


No late projects will be accepted.

Date Milestone
2020-11-09 Groups formed – Send e-mail to inform me of your group and schedule meeting time.
2020-11-16 Proposal due – Meet with me for 15 minutes to discuss project plan by end of day.
2020-12-08 In class presentations.
2020-12-10 In class presentations.
2020-12-14 Deliverables due by 11:40am (end of our scheduled final time) – Turn in PDF of paper and presentation slides to canvas and be sure GitHub reflects all work.

Groups presenting on Tuesday: Group 5, Group 4, Group 6
Groups presenting on Thursday: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3